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General Rules and Regulations ⼀般比賽規則

- Pianists of all nationalities and ages are welcome to take part in this competition.  



- Change of pre-selected piece is not allowed once registration form has been received.



- Any edition of the original scores is allowed during competition.  



- No photocopies of musical score are to be used during the competition at all times.  



- All entry and administration fees are non-refundable.  



- Rules and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice.  



- All competitors and participants allow HKOMC to take photos and videos during            competition. The photos and videos of which are properties of HKOMC and may be used by HKOMC for publicity and promotional purposes without compensation.  

參賽者及活動人士已知悉並授權香港音樂公開大賽於活動當日所進行之攝影、錄音及 錄影行為;而該攝影、錄音及錄影財產將一切歸香港音樂公開大賽所有,並可無償地 用作宣傳及推廣用途。


- HKOMC shall not be liable whatsoever in connection with any accident, injury, loss                   and/or damage incurred directly, or indirectly, arising from or during competition.  

 參賽者及活動人士如在比賽期間發生任何意外、損傷及 / 或損失,香港音樂公開大賽一  概不予負責。


- HKOMC reserves the right to combine and/or cancel events for any reason.  

香港音樂公開大賽保留以任何理由合併及 / 或取消比賽項目之最終決定權。


- Performing from memory isnotrequiredinthecompetitionfrom23 -30/11/2018 but  all 15 Top score competitors must perform the music piece from memory at the Prize Winners’ Concert on 1 / 12 / 2018.

 參賽者不需背譜,但最高分之15名參賽者必須於 ​1 / 12 / 2018 優勝者音樂會中背譜演出。

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