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Mr Liu Shikun

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Liu Shih Kun is a world-renowned Chinese pianist, when he was seventeen he received the special prize at the Liszt International Piano Competition in Hungary. In 1958, Mr. Liu won the second prize at the First Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in Moscow at the age of 19 (the first prize was given to famous American pianist, Van Cliburn).  Mr. Liu has been performed in England and many other countries with prestigious orchestras under batons of KiryII Kondrashin,Seiji Ozawa, Lorin Maazel and etc...

Mr. Liu's recording of Liszt Piano concerto No.1 performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa was a best seller around the world.

Since 1964,Mr.Liu has been the Representative of the National People’s Congress  and the Deputy Chief of the Art Council of China's Cultural Department, where he  has served for many years. Currently he is a member of the National Committee  of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Standing Director of the  Chinese Culture Promotion Society,  President of Hong Kong Literature & Arts  Association,and Honorary Professor in over 30 conservatorie and music  universities  around  the world.

Mr Liu has performed for many Chinese leaders including Mao Ze Dong to Xi Jin Ping as well as the queen of the United Kingdom and foreign presidents such as former Russian Presidents, US Presidents and French Presidents just named few.  During the last two decades Mr. Liu not only devotes himself to his performance career, but also dedicates himself to the musical education of China's youth. There are over two hundred Liu Shih Kun Piano & Arts Centres around China, which all together include approximately eighty thousands students.




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